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(Below) Group photo at cheque presentation after the Pier Walk Challenge in 2009.


6th Pier Walk 2009 (link)


Unfortunately, due to website difficulties, we are unable to place any new photo's of previous walks onto this site. However, Facebook users can go onto our Facebook Page and find many photos there! Photo's from the 6th Pier Walk Challenge can be found on this website.

If you have any photos of the latest walk, or any previous Pier Walk events, and you wish to have them placed on the Pier Walk Page, then please let us know! Contact information is available on the Contact Us page. 


All Photos present on this page have been placed onto this website with permission from all those present in the photos. If you wish to have a photo placed onto this page, please let those in the photo(s) know before sending them to us. Any complaints made about any of the photos WILL result in the removal of that photo or photos. 


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